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The site grew exponentially, with fantastic reviews in the Daily Mail, Mirror, Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Computer Weekly and many other publications.

We were nominated as Steve Wright's Web Site of the Day (BBC Radio 2) and a year later we got the accolade again!

Also, for the ladies that play EVE that would like a non-catty, girls only place to hang out.check us out :)WGo E=public(Women Gamers of EVE public channel).those of you wishing to find the real girls.

Also, for the ladies that play EVE that would like a non-catty, girls only place to hang out.check us out :)Percentage of actual females in EVE's playerbase is in the lower 1 digits. I know a guy that dated a girl he got to know through EVE.

As far as we know we're the only web site ever to have won the award twice.

Whilst other dating sites began charging extortionate prices for dating services, we decided to keep dating free.

Ms Durham, who has never married, said being in her mid-40s limited the range of eligible men."I don't mind going out with younger guys, but they want children, so that market is out, and a lot of guys over 40 are going for girls under-30, because they don't think they're 40," she said.

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They don't have a huge number of participants; however those who are there do have quite in-depth and interesting profiles.

As a joining member you must answer several pages of questions and provide details about your physical appearance, lifestyle, and relationship type sought.

They've been around for some time, since 1999 to be exact.

You'll need to create a detailed profile before you can message others on the site.

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