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Platinum dating

That study recorded a possible source of platinum present in the sediment in Greenland that may be the result of an extraterrestrial cosmic impact, he says. The paper, titled “Widespread platinum anomaly documented at the Younger Dryas onset in North American sedimentary sequences,” is lead authored by Christopher Moore, of the University of South Carolina, and 12 researchers including Tankersley and represents the findings from 11 archaeological sites throughout the U. Tankersley refers to the period of Younger Dryas as “the last gasp of the last ice age” and explains its name as deriving from a wildflower, the Dryas octopetala, found abundant in the late glacial period.

Cold shoulder's last gasp In recent findings summarized in a paper published this month in the prestigious journal Nature/Scientific Reports, the same platinum anomalies were found in the U. He says this era is also consistent with the extinction of more than 35 species of ice age animals and a change in hunting and gathering by the early Clovis humans.

The South Carolina researchers found an abundance of platinum in soil layers that coincided with the "Younger-Dryas," a climatic period of extreme cooling that began around 12,800 ago and lasted about 1,400 years.

The hallmark has become widely used to add value to items and offers a wide range of marketing possibilities.

These days, hallmarking is carried out by assay offices which are situated in many countries over the world, but are most prevalent in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.

However, the concept of marking precious metals to show their purity predates this by well over a century.

This rich history has made hallmarking not only one of the oldest and most successful forms of consumer protection but has also been an invaluable tool in the detection of fakes.

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