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On the We Chat Official Account Platform, a subscription account is allowed to send 1 broadcast message per day, while a service account is allowed 4 per calendar month.

Official accounts using developer mode can broadcast more flexibly using this API. A subscription account is allowed to send a single broadcast message per day to all users or users of a group. A service account is allowed to send up to 100 broadcast messages per day, but users will receive only four messages per calendar month.

This limitation applies to all broadcast messages, whether they are sent via the We Chat Official Account Admin Platform or via the broadcast API.

Messages which exceed this limit will not be received by users. Official accounts having payment access can add external links via the tag if they send or broadcast rich media files via the broadcast API. Developers can send messages to specified users via the preview API in order to test for message design and performance.

Up to Apr.,30th,2017, 116 members here already, who are at different levels for spoken English . If you also wanna join us, pls read our following group rules and answer me following 2 questions first in the comment zone, 1st, why do u wanna practice spoken English ? After receive your answer, the group organizer will contact with u to talk further.

As an spoken English group, rules for messages are as following ones,1st, no Chinese, except you really can NOT express yourself in English.2nd, use voice messages to talk with others, texting is NOT encouraged here.3rd, Voice Call Talk is ENCOURAGED.

The latest statistics from We Chat place its monthly active users (MAU) at 700million, with audiences visiting the application upwards of 30 times per day.

While follower numbers for most brands continue to grow, the honeymoon appears to be over.

Signs are starting to emerge that follower growth rates for brand accounts are slowing.

At the same time, the government has started to apply pressure to regulate H5 apps built onto We Chat.

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