Piper perabo dating stephen kay

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An even better question, how did she dance at court balls with her massive headdresses?Indeed, Marie Antoinette often towered over her pale and sickly husband, Louis XVI by several feet.It does not make Milk a plaster saint, but portrays him as fully and fallibly human as well as a formidable crusader for the rights of all.

Many fans and even critics of Piper Perabo are now asking the questions, “Why didn’t we know about this in advance? ” Perhaps it is simply because of the fact that Piper Perabo has been able to master the art of keeping her relationship away from the public eye until absolutely necessary.

Since her engagement was made public late last year, Perabo has not said or even tweeted very much about her relationship, engagement, or even her wedding plans at all.

It appears as if she has truly taken her role as a secret agent seriously — even using a few of the tips that she has learned from Annie Walker to conceal her own privacy and fly under the radar from the public eye as well.

Kay is a director-producer for the show, which is currently filming its fourth season. PHOTOS: Love on set Incidentally, the couple's engagement isn't the only recent change in Perabo's life.

She recently made headlines for dyeing her blonde hair a dark brunette color.

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Some are too campy to ignore (at least not if you want to keep up at brunch).