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It may seem like a hassle to update the shop every time a new version comes out, but it is worth the effort in the long run.There are ways to avoid the pain of upgrades, such as using quality themes and modules that do not modify your Open Cart core, or using v Qmod.Before VMware or any other OS is installed on your new server I always recommend to update the firmware immediately.HP is always releasing new updates and they can truly improve the performance and reliability of your server.It doesn’t matter how big your datacenter is, either.Whether your servers have a multi-continental presence or have been relegated to a closet, there’s never enough staff allocated with enough time to manually manage these systems.Open Cart is periodically updated with new versions of itself.It is a good idea to update your store with each new version released to take advantage of bug fixes and new features.

Click here to learn more or click here to get started! Now, this can be a big pain if your internet connection is provided by a T1.Once the ISO is downloaded you would now have to find a computer with a CD/DVD burner and fish around for some blank CD/DVD’s.If you want to move your shop to the latest version and are currently using a 1.4.x version, you need to download a script from the Open Cart forum: Updating from a 1.5.x version to the newest version is a simpler process than updating from 1.4.x.To access the latest version of Open Cart, visit the Download page: The latest version will always be at the top of the Downloads list. Unzip the zip file to a location that can be easily located later.

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