Updating anti virus

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Updating anti virus

This can be problematic for users with no internet connection.

You should use a computer with an internet connection to download the appropriate updates and transfer them to the target computer using a USB stick, external hard drive or CD.

Here's how to do this with the most common antivirus software.

You can automatically check for Anti-Virus signature updates from Cisco’s signature server every 24 hours or to manually check for Anti-Virus signature updates at any time by clicking Update.

After installation, these software need to update themselves, because without regular update of the virus detection file, security will be compromised.

Antivirus programs update automatically from the internet but even without an internet connection, they can be updated.

To find if your operating system is 32 bit operating system or 64 bit operating system, visit

Antivirus software is essential for keeping your PC running safely.

But how often should you update your antivirus software, and how often should you run a scan?

Updating your antivirus software doesn’t mean shelling out for a whole new software package.

Most updates only involve installing the latest virus database definitions, and this can be a reasonably quick process.

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But security software is nothing to leave to chance.

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